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Mayser Safety Edges

Mayser specially developed the miniature safety edges (EKS) for applications where short response times are required and only low installation heights are possible.

A classic example is their use as anti-pinch sensors on shearing and pinching edges of automatic vehicle doors and windows.

Euchner limit Switches

Euchner limit switches are used for safe interruption of machine circuits so that their drives shut down at the final limiting position. They have mechanical life up to 30 million operating cycles.

Being housed with 76 x 60 x 28 mm it works on 1 positive NC contact or an NO contact with the NC. The LED indicator is optional.

Leine Linde Encoders

All models in the new series are built with covers of anodised aluminium to stand up against external affects in the tough environments the encoders are subjected to on a daily basis.

The inductive encoders designated ISA 608 and IHA 608 have also received a facelift in the form of an entirely new design.

industry examples

Automotive Safety

Sensor-controlled obstacle protection systems ensure the safety of automatic closing functions in vehicles. Additional safety is provided by our seat occupancy detectors in the vehicles.

Robotics Automation

Today's production processes are becoming increasingly automated, with humans and robots working in ever-closer proximity. Our collision protection systems can be used in co-existing systems of various sizes.